The Combination Rig Kit gives you all the key tackle items to make 10 Bottom Bait Rigs & 10 Pop Up Rigs in multiple variations.


Whatever situation presents itself in front of your swim this kit has you covered.


This Kit Includes:


Gape Hooks - Qty 10 Size 6 or 4

Chod Hooks  - Qty 10 Size 6 or 4

Flexi Swivels Size 11 - Qty 10

Rig Ring Bait Screws - Qty 10

Rig Ring Swivels - Qty 10

Rig Rings - Qty 10

Shrink Tubing Sleeves - Qty 10

Hook Beads - Qty 10


Recomended Rigs to make with this kit:


Blowback Rig - Bottom Bait Rig

Trapper Hair Rig - Bottom Bait Rig

Multi Rig - Pop Up Rig

Hinge Stiff Rig - Pop Up Rig




Combination Rig Kit

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