Everything You Need - Ronnie Rig Kit

A firm favourite for presenting a pop up, this kit will give you everything you need from the tubing down for 20 Ronnie Rigs! (excluding leads)


Included in this Rig Kit:

TCT Fluorocarbon Hooklink - Choice of 25lb & 20lb

Ronnie Rig Kit - Choice of Size 6 & 8

Sticky Icky Putty - 20g

Micro Anti Tangle Sleeves - Qty 10

QC Swivels Size 8 - Qty 10

Lead Clips - Qty 10 

Tail Rubbers - Qty 10

Tungsten Tubing - 2 Metre - Choice of Grey, Brown & Green


Rig Check: You may need to add more putty to the rig depending on the buoyancy of the pop up, always test your rig in the edge or a bucket before casting out.




Everything You Need - Ronnie Rig Kit

Tungsten Tubing