Everything You Need - Bottom Bait Kit

Anytime we hit the bank and find a nice clear spot to present a bottom bait this is our go to presentation, this kit will give you everything you need from the tubing down to make 20 Bottom Bait Rigs! (excluding leads)


Included in this Rig Kit:

TCT Coated Hooklink - 25lb - Choice of Khaki, Black & Camo Brown

2 Packs of Gape Hooks - Qty 10 Per Pack - Choice of Size 4, 6 & 8

1.5mm Shrink Tubing - Qty 10

Rig Rings - Qty 20

Pop Up Corn - Qty 12 - Choice of Pink, Yellow, White & Black

Sticky Icky Putty - 20g

Boilie Stops - Qty 100 - Choice of Colour 

Micro Anti Tangle Sleeves - Qty 10

QC Swivels Size 8 - Qty 10

Lead Clips - Qty 10 

Tail Rubbers - Qty 10

Tungsten Tubing - 2 Metre - Choice of Grey, Brown & Green


RecommendedBait for a Bottom Bait Rig:


15mm Bottom Bait Topped with half a Hi Vis Pop Up or 1 piece of Pop Up Corn


Slow Sinking Tip: 90% Bottom Bait 40% Pop Up should give you a slow sinking effect ensuring your rig resets itself should you have an aborted take, the slow sinking effect prevents tangles and gives your hook bait a natural presentation on the lake bed.


Rig Check: You may need to trim more of the pop up off depending on the buoyancy, always test your rig in the edge or a bucket before casting out.




Everything You Need - Bottom Bait Kit

Boilie Stops
Coated Braid
Tungsten Tubing